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Restaurant electrical contractors install purpose-designed lighting systems, which can involve everything from diner experience, restaurant lighting installation, lighting for professional kitchens, and safety concerns for parking lots. Restaurant lighting and electrical wiring is a specialized field; the job requires an equally specialized team of skilled electricians.


Every restaurant is different, but there is one thing that remains the same: state, city, and parish codes and regulations. Because we are a fully-licensed and experienced restaurant electrical contracting company, we know exactly which rules and regulations to consider when installing your custom restaurant electrical installation.


Because a commercial kitchen requires so many appliances and lights to function correctly, electrical work needs to be planned and executed carefully. GraciHart Electric specializes in installing electrical wiring for the following equipment:

  • Commercial stoves
  • Walk-in refrigerators
  • Walk-in freezers
  • Industrial stoves and ranges
  • Overhead exhaust fans
  • Electrical outlets
  • Customized sound and lighting
  • Public bathroom lighting
  • Signage illumination
  • Parking lot lights and wiring

Because a commercial kitchen also has food preparation rules and regulations to uphold, proper electrical wiring becomes crucial. Restaurants need reliable power to walk-ins and freezers to maintain temperature requirements, water systems must function at all times, and other kitchen appliances need steady power sources as well.


We understand that lighting for restaurants is more nuanced than beautiful fixtures: restaurants may want dimmer capabilities, separate circuitry for rooms, or even combined systems encompassing lighting, audio and video controls. GraciHart Electric is here to help you determine what your restaurant needs - designing and executing an electrical plan that fits your space perfectly.


GraciHart Electric has the years of experience and the specialized skillset necessary to design and install exceptional restaurant electrical plans. Whether you’re building a new restaurant, or replacing your current electrical wiring, we’re here for you! Give GraciHart Electric a call today, and schedule your appointment!

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